Friday, July 31, 2015

Helping Keep America a Little Safer

I am always thinking of ways to better the situation of life for all (especially if I benefit). As I was thinking this week I thought of an idea that could be money.  It's super exciting so here goes:

Idea: Kidnapping is a big problem, that I believe I can help solve. Kids see strangers and are taught Stranger Danger and if a stranger is trying to grab them, or take them, or hurt them they can yell out, "stranger" or "help me ," but these days those words don't work.  They are outdated because no one wants to help.  Since they are so outdated I thought of a new set of words that will get everyone coming.  I present to you my new Stranger Danger program to be replaced by................ "pervert alert." If a kid is hollering out, "stranger" I am going to think they are taking about another kid that is stranger then they are or if they yell out "help" I will assume they got stuck in a well. Either way, no help needed from me because I don't want to get involved if it is a kid hazing incident and I sure don't want to be in a well, no thanks jerky kids. Now if they are yelling "pervert alert" I will come running. I would want to get a good look at who they think a pervert is and why they are thinking he or she is a pervert. That word alone would get me running over.

Okay, so the good thing about this idea is instead of hearing the same old boring words we would actually hear something that would be more meaningful. We would be more willing to help a kid against a pervert then we would a stranger, again the word sounds so much cooler in this context. Kidnappings could go drop a ton because no one wants to be a pervert lurking around so they would stay away from kids altogether and the only people near the kids would be their parents or people they know or actual perverts that we need to catch.

To any new concept there is a possible downside.   Many people who are just strangers could get called perverts.   And sure if you really are a pervert then you probably don't mind being called a pervert.  But if you are a normal stranger then it might be offensive.  Either way I think it is a fine idea.  If you don't like it, it doesn't mean you are a pervert, it just means you most likely are a pervert.  Seems like now all I have to do is wait for the calls to start flooding in from schools and police agencies asking me to train their people on the new program.  I will update you next week.

Until then - Pervert Alert:)

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