Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two things I hate and one of them is baby talk

Is baby talk ever cute?  The answer is no.  I don't care how old the baby is or isn't, either way here in America, it's time to learn to speak English and learn to speak it well.  If you have a stuttering issue that is one thing. Sure we will make fun of you for it later in life, but don't add baby talk to the mix that would be both appalling and disgusting.  

I was at the store tonight and guess what happened?  I bought some ice cream, but before the ice cream my wife and I were going through the aisles and guess what I heard?  You guessed it, baby talk.  I said to my wife, "I hate baby talk" and she said, "how old was the kid?" and I said, "it was baby talk, it was a baby."  Apparently some weirdo nut jobs think it is funny to baby talk when they are older which is even more weird and creepy than actual babies talking. 

Anyway, my point is I didn't speak out loud til I was 4 and a half for a reason.  I didn't like baby talk then and I certainly don't like it now.  I might have had to listen to it from the friends I had back then, but I  
skipped that goo goo ga ga junk and spoke words.   And when I spoke them, I spoke them well.  That is what most, no that is what every American should strive for.  Does baby talk have it's place?  Yes, but that place is in the minds of those babies out there and no where else.  I say let's kick that habit like we would smoking or any other disgusting habit.  I can't do it all myself, but together we can make a difference and we can eliminate baby talk forever everywhere.  Bless you all and no more baby talk forever.

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