Friday, July 10, 2015

Ways to Make Extra Money

In these tough economic times people are always trying to figure out ways to make extra money.  It's tough out there and with four kids and one on the way, believe you me, I understand.  Well to clarify I am not certain that "one is on the way" but you just never know so I always like to plan ahead just in case.  Planning for another one is always important, either way no matter how many kids you have you need to have ways of making some extra cash. So I came up with a few unconventional and exciting ways to earn a couple extra dollars.  In no particular order here they are.  

1. Start a spade and neutering business - This is not as regulated as being a doctor so you should be okay to go for it. I found out the hard way that you have to have a license to practice medicine, but I am pretty sure animals are okay to work on in your spare time. If you live in Mexico I still think you are okay to practice medicine so keep that in mind if you ever find yourself needing some coin south of the border.

2. Become an accident victim - everyone has insurance these days for all sorts of things and a lot of times you can even get 'out of court' settlements which turns into quick cash.  I have four lawsuits going right now and a couple of the people are just paying me to go away.  This country is awesome isn't it? 

3. Start a lottery - This one does take some sales skills since you will have to sell tickets, but since you run the lottery you can make sure that you always have the winning ticket exactly where you want it. You get a distant, shifty relative involved and boom you just made yourself a fist full of dollars.  That's money in the bank.

4. Start a swear jar company - All you need are jars and people that swear, which you shouldn't have any trouble finding. I know some of you that I could make so much money off of.  Put a few jars up around town, sit back, relax and plan for a big score at the months end.

5. Start a school fundraiser - kids are suckers and so are most of the parents if they get a paper sent home from school asking you to donate. All you have to do is volunteer once at the school and when the teacher isn't looking, stick a flyer in each kids backpack asking them to mail checks to your P.O. Box. It is as easy as that. Just ask my wife, she volunteers a lot and we have a P.O. Box.

6. Lemonade Stand - Will Rogers once said, "buy land they ain't making any more of it." Well that is great advice when you lived back in Will Roger's time, but now try and get a loan for land. You can't hardly do it. So the next best thing is a lemonade stand. The mark-up is incredible and if you skimp on the sugar your profits can skyrocket even more. Something to remember, only try this one Saturday every few months. If you do it more then that you won't get any return business because people will remember how crappy your lemonade was.

7. Three words - pot of gold.  Three more words - end of rainbow.  I think I might have said too much already.

8. Coloring Contest Winner - Sure you need kids for this little winner but it's an easy money deal so if you have kids, you're golden.  There are always coloring contests your kids can enter throughout the year, but most kids stink at drawing and coloring.  Unless you have a Van Gogh for a son or daughter then no kid is going to beat an adult at coloring.  You simply put their name on the art work, sign off and put your kid's name and consider yourself a winner.  Sometimes the contests even give away cash and prizes so everyone is a winner.  I have won almost every time I have entered these types of contests.  And if you are lucky then you can get a child's meal and some spending money.  Food and fun and money, that's a winning combo if I have ever seen one. 

Well that's enough for now.  I can't give all my secrets away, I have a family to feed.  Bless you all and until next time, peace out.


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