Monday, August 3, 2015

My thoughts while climbing a tree

The other day I was at the park with my family.  It was a nice day and all was well so I thought what the heck lets climb a tree.  Often in life we climb trees, for some of us the tree is a college education, for some of us the tree is starting a business, for me the tree was actually a tree that was planted in the ground that you can actually climb. So I started up the tree and after climbing up 30-40 feet I thought, wow this is not as I remembered it. But what was different I thought? I have done this a ton of times. I used to climb a lot of trees when I was a kid. Then it dawned on me, I did climb a lot of trees as a kid, but it was mostly in the dark and near my neighbors windows. This was during the day and this time it was for the thrill of it. My kids and wife were impressed and this time I was no longer that wierdo starring at you in the dark, I was a man starring down at you in the light of day.

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