Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thanks to those that help me, even if you don't talk back.

In my younger years I used to take things for granted, I would often forget to say thanks.  Through a series of life events that has changed and I have become more thankful.  I am not perfect, yet, but I feel I am pretty thankful.  I try and teach my kids to always be thankful and grateful.  I always tell them there are two things I really want them to learn from me.  The first is how to work and the second is how to be grateful & thankful.  Now in my life thankfulness runs deep in my blood. If you cut me open blood and thankfulness would come spewing out and depending on if I have sold my blood that day it could be mostly thankfulness. Someone once told me that it is better to be thanked than thank.  I thought for so long that guy was an idiot, but the idiot was me.  It turned out I was wrong I just didn't know it yet.

Thanking has actually become a very addictive hobby for me, more so than crack cocaine which I have never tried but I assume it is.  I often thank people I don't even know and thank people I do know numerous times.  I have also started thanking animals; horses, cattle, the cat who always is in my back yard even though I don't want him there, badgers and bears, and anything I can find. But yesterday I was feeling a little down thinking maybe I could do more to be even more thankful.  

For about an hour I thought who else could I possibly thank.  Luckily my mind is wise and it came to me.  What are the things we really take for granted and who never get thanked at all?  Well the answer is simple, we like to call these things appliances, tools and car parts.   They do a lot of the work so we don't have to.  So from that moment on I vowed to make sure I thank those things and make sure they know I care.

Sure I spend time with the wife and kids, but after they are all tucked in I lean in close and say thank you to my washer and dryer and even that red headed step child called the garbage disposal. How many of you have hugged a light bulb recently? I wouldn't recommend a hot one, but if you are changing the light bulb and one is going in the trash that might be a good time to say thanks or great job giving us light for those several months. I am not some nut who talks to everything, but I am one of those nuts who thanks everything. I am not telling you to make out with a light socket and believe me you don't want to do that, but I am telling you that being thankful is something that will come the more you do it.  There is no shame in publicly thanking a nail that holds up your fake diploma or family picture you may or may not have. There is no reason to care that others, including me, might call you "the town weirdo" for holding your tire iron and jack in your arms and hugging them tightly right after you fix a flat.  I would even say it's disgusting if you don't.  And I would call you the town weirdo for other reasons anyway.

Either way my point is this.  As for me I am now a full fledged thanker, whether it be human or not, I will give thanks.  I suggest next time something or someone helps you, you don't let them or it go without saying thanks. I just hugged my computer and told it how much I cared and now is your opportunity to thank yours.

Again I am not some nutbar that lives in his parents basement, mainly because my parents don't have a basement and I have 4 kids and it would get really crowded, but either way I am not that guy.  I just know that thanking those who can't talk back is just as sane as I am.  So the next time you arrive at work on time why not hug that tire, either one doesn't matter just hug one and tell it how glad you are to get to work and hug it when you get home just to let it know you care.  Your face will thank me if you do and you will feel good inside and out.

Just to clarify I don't use any drugs.  Thanks so much for reading and until next time THANK YOU for being here and especially thank you if you like and share me on facebook or whatever system you kids are using these days.

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