Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Top Food Scam of the 20th century

I used to love Mahi-Mahi.  It's a great tasting meat and really a good time had by all when your eating it.  I had a lot of respect for Flipper and his friends for giving up their lives so we could have a taste.  Recently though I found out the well-known fact to most that Mahi-Mahi is not really Dolphin but just Dolphin fish.  Apparently Dolphins are mammals and Dolphins are fish.  Thanks a lot to all the school teachers in my life who taught me all kinds of crap except for that little fact.  I felt betrayed and angry that day, but life goes on and I will always have my memories of thinking I was eating Free Willies little buddy the Dolphin.  Unfortunately looks like the liberal media won again on that one. Congrats for that victory but don't count on it again.  

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