Monday, June 29, 2015

That's Cash in the Bank!!!

Whenever you are heading over to put cash into your bank account it's a great feeling. I like to see my bank balance building or at least getting back to even in some cases and the great news is you can add to that joy of cash in the bank by using one of my fun tips. It's real simple to do and makes for a lot of fun. When it's my turn with the teller I walk up, throw my money on the counter and state, “Legal or not I like making money.” They will normally respond with a look of confusion and awkwardness and you just give them a good shoulder shrug and start smiling and shake your head in agreement with your previous statement. You can throw in the statement, "You probably know what I mean right?" After a good minute of them working my transaction I tell them I am not serious and that I don't sell drugs or anything like that.  This usually gets a lot of laughs and if not, then you aren’t doing it right-- so keep practicing daily. I can do it right every time, but I did invent it.  This isn't for everyone, but true comedians don't care if they makes others laugh, they just like to make themselves laugh.  So next time you find yourself putting some cash in the bank just smile inside and give it a try.

PS.  This is probably not a good idea for all of you that really are involved in illegal activity.  Always keep that in mind and refrain from trying it, even though it's a lot of fun.

Bonus Tip:  Anytime I have to send a bank wire, I make up a story about how I am selling my motorcycle. I tell the teller that some guy contacted me off  my Craigslist post and that he sent me a check for more than the amount of the motorcycle and that he just needs me to wire some money back to him.  This is of course a scam that scammers try and I love to make this story up and watch the teller tell me to wait while they go talk to their manager.  They think I am the victim of some scam and I just keep acting like I don't know any better.  But I do, I have been involved in a lot of scams, both coming and going. You make more money coming, but you have more fun going.  Either way it's a classic prank that normally makes them mad at me, but it's so worth the looks on their faces while the story is being told.  Luckily they can't be too mad at me because I am the customer and a darn good one at that.

PS. Don't actually fall for Craigslist scams.  The tellers always tell me they have these things happen about once a month, so beware.  Also never hand the teller a note or anything like that.  That is NOT considered a joke and they will bust you right down to China Town for that stuff.

Good luck and always remember my personal motto: NSJ= NEVER STOP JOKING!!!!!!!  EVER!!!

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Chantel Blackburn said...

Your right Jacob they don't think it's funny when you slip them a note I know. Especially cause I was wearing a hoodie n sunglasses. :)