Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Things you don't want to hear from your babysitter when you get home

1. Does it normally take a baby four hours to cry themselves to sleep? I just found a quiet spot and waited it out.

2. The kids had some "accidents" so I just spread out newspaper on the floor and just let them roam free.

3. The kids kept getting out of the crib so I turned it upside down.  I like to think of a crib as less of a sleeping area and more of a prison cell.  It makes it easier to keep track of them. 

4. Your six month old loved the honey I gave them.

5. I let your kids go to the park, I assume they are still there, who knows really.

6. I think the TV screen was cracked before I got here.

7. Your kids started watching a movie that my parents won't let me watch so that's why I am out in the garage.  They started it a few hours ago.

8.  Glad you are back, the ambulance just left, we should probably get to the hospital.

9. I found your candy stash.  I had to go through most of the drawers in your bedroom, but I found it.

10. The CO2 detector went off so I took it outside to get some fresh air.  The kids slept right through it though.

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