Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wedding Reception Fun

Most wedding receptions have great food to eat, but one of my favorite things I love to do when I go to wedding receptions is signing the guest book.  Signing fun, fake names on guest a book is a classic move.  If you have the right names you are in for a treat just imagining the bride and groom reading the book later on and asking each other, "who is Tess Tickle?"  What a classic move.  Brothers Chip and Buck Tooth often attend many of the same receptions I go to.  Tess Tickle occasionally makes it as well.  Hugh Jass always seem to stop by to say hello.  There are many fun names you can place on the guest list, just make sure it’s not near your actual name and that it’s in different handwriting. 

Sometimes my wife gets embarrassed and says you aren’t going to sign the guest book with any inappropriate names and I say something like of course not, at least not now.  My wife knows me well so really what can she expect from a great guy like me?  I can’t not do that.  Sometimes I will even make an arrow to someone with similar handwriting as me so the couple thinks it’s them writing the fake names.  I do have the handwriting of a 3rd grader so sometimes it’s hard to do because my handwriting is honestly pretty bad, but it works most of the time.  

So next time you find yourself at a wedding reception, instead of sitting around like a moron, go have some guest book fun and enjoy that party a little bit more and if someone asks who you are just tell them you’re here with your buddy Tess or your friend Hugh and walk away. 

SPECIAL NOTE (DISCLAIMER): If I have attended your wedding reception I didn’t do this to your guest book.  I am clearly talking about other guest books at other weddings.  Sincerely, Management 

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