Friday, June 26, 2015

Saturday you make us proud

I have been in a poetry kind of mood lately.  What can I say the juices are flowing if you know what I mean.  Enjoy it:

Saturday...a day among days!!!!!

If the days had a fight you would win
A mule once kicked me right in the shin
It hurt like the dickens which is really bad
If you were taken I'd be real sad
For within the 24 hours of your day
I can go to Burger King and have it my way
I can go on vacation or sleep in my bed
I could buy a new mustang and paint it bright red
One man once said that Friday is better
Well he is a nerd that wears a wierd sweater
Everyone knows that Friday was cool
Because as a kid you got out of school
But now it is Saturday that has taken it's place
If you were a wrestler you would spit in our face
Saturday surely is the best day all week
For everyone alive even if your a geek
So tomorrow is my day what shall I do
I  could fake an injury and then I could sue
I think I need a break from the writing
I will go on a hike and make up a bear siting
I like making up stories that's for sure
I could make up a illness and then sell the cure
As you can see the list could be long
You best not get caught with a crazy bong
That would be bad and you might go to jail
Those fences are high and difficult to scale
But that's what you might get if you were smoking the weed
Here's to Saturday the best day indeed

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