Friday, June 5, 2015

I have a great mom

It’s my mom’s birthday today in real life, seriously it is.  So since it’s her birthday, what better gift can I give her than to give her a poem from the heart?  Plus I spent a bunch of money on a father’s gift for myself so I am running a little low on cash.  Either way a gift is a gift. 

Mom it’s your birthday and I hope it’s real great,
I hope next time you rent a hotel room, you get a good rate,
Sorry that my siblings are a little bit weird,
Not everyone’s as cool as me and can grow a beard,
I was your last kid and I think I know why,
I was your favorite; that twinkle in your eye,
Seriously I know I was a little harder than the rest,
I wanna go to KFC and order wings and a breast,
But I need to concentrate and I can’t spend all my money,
I have got to just keep this poem good and funny,
Back to my mom and how cool she is,
She would always stop the car when I needed to wiz,
I would get out and go on the side of the road,
If my pants needed patching they always got sewed,
When I was younger I can’t believe all the stuff I did,
My dad almost killed me when I was a kid,
My mom was there to calm him down,
That wasn’t as bad though as her half frown,
If I saw that, I knew it was bad,
But most of the time things were just rad,
She is really cool—a stand up gal,
I actually know a guy named Hal,
My mom is awesome and is super cool,
Sometimes when I sleep I actually drool,
I haven’t been to the doctor in years,
I need some new tools I can find them at Sears
I have a fork that I use to scratch my back,
It’s getting super late and I need a snack,
Back to my mother and this poem from the heart,
She is like Marge and I am like Bart,
She is the best and you can’t find any better,
I am glad it’s not hotter and I’m not wearing a sweater,
You taught me so much like how to talk,
Happy B-day to you Mom— you certainly rock!

Peace I’m outta here!!!!

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